Solar Noir

Solar Noir was developed to provide a vehicle to help socially disadvantaged farmers.  Income that they earn from their investment will assist them via a strong return which helps reduce land loss. 510nano developed this structure in concert with the Gray Group.  The structure directly benefits ten African-American farmers.

The first step was a land lease. One of North Carolina’s largest African-American farmers, Mr. Heywood Harrell, provided the group a 20-year land lease. In addition, farmers in Eastern North Carolina, rural businesses and supporters invested in SunManor Farmers. The last member to join the effort was Carthage Investment group who desired to provide equity in support of the development.

Solar Noir will be constructed in three phases to ultimately produce 20-MWs of solar power in Eastern NC. The goal is to help these farmers secure a revenue stream to protect their land and agricultural assets. Further, it is an example of what can be gained by disparate people coming together for a common cause.

  • 510nano is a solar farm and technology development firm. 510nano has solar assets in both NC and CA.
  • Gray group is a community advocate which has provided aid to socially disadvantaged rural businesses and farmers.
  • Harrell Farms is 100-acre property located off of Daniel Street in Tarboro, NC.
  • SunManor Farmers is a group of African-American farmers and professionals who are in support of minority farmers.
  • Carthage Investment Group is a real estate investment fund located in Pennsylvania