Our goal is to develop renewable energy power plants and technology that will improve their economics.

  • For 2014, 510nano has completed three solar farms and will complete three more, totalling over 8.5 MW of projects in California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Massachusetts
    • The first two solar facilities were constructed and built in Los Gatos, CA and are owned by wholly owned subsidiary Silicon Valley Solar.  These facilities sell their power directly to the town through a 20 year power purchase agreement.
    • The third solar farm was constructed in Northampton County, North Carolina and is selling the power to Dominion NC Power company.
  • In 2015, the firm has over 15 MW in the development pipeline.
Projects Completed

1) Silicon Valley Solar — Los Gatos Police Department

2) Silicon Valley Solar — Los Gatos Maintenance Yard

3) REPP One — Garysburg, NC


Projects Under Development

1) Sanford Solar, Sanford, NC

2) Solar High, Gaston, NC

3) Solar Noir, Tarboro, NC

4) Super Solar, Monroe GA