Clean Energy Developers

510nano is a developer of renewable energy projects and technologies. Our strategic vision results in the most cost-competitive power plants and clean technologies.

510nano has a strong management and technical team, numerous business and research partners, and a strong relationship with its customers. It is our people and partners that make us uniquely GREEN.

Our management team is comprised of business strategists and thought leaders, serial entrepreneurs and accomplished innovators, trained scientists and engineers. Our technical team is well published, well trained. They are inventors and interdisciplinary technologists. These two teams have worked together to build our set of cutting-edge business strategies and state-of-the-art technologies.

510nano\’s difference is shown in the novelty of our business strategies, our products and our team.

It is better to be GREEN!

What is green, exactly?

The wavelength for green is centered on 510 nanometers. We at 510nano are making sure that our company, products, processes and promises are green. We are both citizens and stewards of today and tomorrow

How are we different?

We are looking to make a difference.  We are a group of business and technology strategists. We do things differently. We look at things differently. Most importantly, we have a history of getting things done.

A greener future is our goal and has been our record.

LG pic with inverter

Silicon Valley Solar

In the heart of Silicon Valley, 510nano has secured a high yielding, 20 year, revenue contract for 121 kW of solar energy. SVS has two installations – one on the roof tops of the Maintenance Yard and the Police Department for the Town of Los Gatos.

The Los Gatos – Maintenance Yard installation is a 64 kW production facility and has produced renewable energy since January 7, 2014. Click here to view live data for the facility.

The Los Gatos – Police Department installation is a 55 kW production facility and has produced renewable energy since March 7, 2014. Click here to view live data for the facility.

510 REPP One Inverter

510 REPP One

In Northampton\’s Industrial Park, 510nano built a 7 acre/ 1.4 MW solar farm.  The power is being sold to Dominoin Power over a 15 year power purchase agreement. The builder and provider of the mounts for the project is Solarpark USA.  The project used 5,492 SunPerfect panels along with two 500 kW and one 250 kW Solectria inverters to provide over 2 million kWh of electricity annually.

Our Current Developments

510 REPP Two
Deerfield Solar
Sanford Solar LLC
Solar High
Solar Noir LLC
Super Solar LLC

510 REPP Two

5 MW solar farm to be built using 510nano\’s new technology.

Deerfield Solar

Five 7 kW solar poles Developer/EPC sub-contract.

Sanford Solar LLC

2 MW Solar Farm in Sanford NC to be built using Lightway Panels and ballasted mounting solution.

Solar High

1.5 MW of solar electricity in Northampton NC to be built using 510nano\’s technology.

Solar Noir LLC

5 MW solar farm to be built using SunWell\’s thin film solar cells.

Super Solar LLC

5 MW dual-axis, solar farm to be built using storage and 510nano\’s hybrid solar technology.

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