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510nano and Blue Diamond Renewables propose a 115 MW Jamaican solar project

Proposed Mandela Solar Project to reduce electricity prices by more than 67%

PRLog (Press Release) - Jun. 18, 2013 - WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On June 3, 2013, two African American, renewable energy CEOs jointly submitted a 115MW solar power proposal to Jamaica's Office of Utility Regulation.  

The project is to be located just off of Mandela Highway near Kingston, Jamaica.  The power plant is designed to produce enough power for over 161,000 Jamaicans.

Dr. Parker, CEO of 510nano, shares "The project balances renewable energy, energy security, and economic development, as well as is sensitive to providing a system consistent with the wishes of the Jamaican Public Service Company.  Although we have access to several sites; we were very attracted to the Mandela Highway site.  This location allows injection of power into both the 138 and 69 kV transmission lines which will help us to improve grid security and provide a hedge against fluctuations in fuel prices."

John Moaning, CEO of Blue Diamond Renewables, added "This project will generate significant economic development to Jamaica which includes over 500 construction jobs and over 50% Jamaican content.  Our panel, construction, and local partners are top tiered and have allowed us to offer a electricity tariff which will cut the cost of electricity by up to 67%."

If the developers are awarded the 115 MW contract, the farm is to be completed by 2015.  The developers will have to wait until September 2013 to find out if they are selected. Until then, both CEOs are planning several other large scale solar projects.

Proposed Mandela Solar Project

Proposed Mandela Solar Project
Proposed Mandela Solar Project
Proposed Mandela Solar Project